INLECOM Innovation is the research arm of the INLECOM Group, a Greek based non-profit organisation. INLECOM Innovation undertakes innovative research in the areas of information technology as it applies to transport, logistics, cyber-security and communications, and promotes wide take-up through open architectures and methodological frameworks. With an international team of experts in the area of software engineering, economics and business management, INLECOM Innovation is dedicated to deliver high quality research and innovation promoting the added value of digital ecosystems.


INLECOM Innovation has participated into a series of research funded projects in the areas of Transport and Logistics, Internet of Things and Big data usually with the role of coordinator or technical manager, such as:





Role in the project and main tasks

INLECOM Innovation will be responsible for the design and implementation of the PILOTING I&M Platform that will be designed in WP2 and later implemented in WP6.


Furthermore, INLECOM will be involved in defining mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of the platform after PILOTING project ends.


INLECOM will also provide the technical competence required for the integration of a 3D laser scanner to the PILOTING I&M platform and the related interfacing for later processing of results by the consortium.

Relevant previous experience

In relation to PILOTING, INLECOM Innovation, has large experience into system integration and software platform design, embedded systems, robotics applications for civil infrastructure inspection and maintenance, communication systems, sensing systems for structural health assessment, IoT and system connectivity, big data management platforms and high-performance computing systems.