Robotnik started its activity in 2002 and is currently a leading company in the European service robotics market. Robotnik is an SME and its team is formed by 45 persons including engineers and R&D team.


The engineer team is qualified in several fields (computers, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, mechanics, etc).


Robotnik is specialized in Mobile Robotics: Products: Robotics product manufacturing (mobile robot platforms, mobile manipulators) Service Robotics Applications: (development of robots for performing autonomous tasks for the wellbeing of humans or machines, excluding manufacturing), principally Robots for Logistics and Robots for Inspection.



Role in the project and main tasks

ROB will be in charge of the development of the ground robotic platforms that will be used in the refinery and tunnel use cases.

Relevant previous experience

Robotnik is specialized in the development of service robotic applications based on mobile robot platforms.


Their main expertise fields include (among others):


  • Inspection & maintenance
  • Mobile robotic inspection systems to reach hard accessible areas because of constraints, temperature, or safety reasons.
  • Logistics Autonomous systems deployed with mobile platforms for the transport of different loads between areas and designed for working safely with people around.
  • Security & Defense: Their mobile platforms and mobile manipulators can access into dangerous environments and support missions in order to provide the needed assistance.


Finally, Robotnik has a large experience in EU research projects, and has taken part in several FP6, FP7 and recently H2020 projects.