Latest PILOTING outbreaks in events

The COVID-19 is finishing thanks to the quick development of a vaccine, so the classic events for robotics technologies researchers such as ERF, Amterdam Drone or Drone Expo have returned to be on-site although the digital events and webinars came to stay due to the COVID-19 restrictions.


Since March 2022, the events where PILOTING has been present are the following:


  • Amsterdam Drone Week (march 28th): the project coordinator Antidio Viguria (FADA-CATEC) talked about PILOTING on the Energy and Utilities sessions.


  • DronExpo 2022 (May 11th-12th): some members of FADA-CATEC where showing the robots and another stuff of PILOTING in a small booth.


  • ERF 2022 (Rotterdam, June 29th): Antidio Viguria from FADA-CATEC presented the results of this project in a workshop entitled “Challenges and opportunities in going from one-off deployments to Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) robotics in continuous operation”.


  • Drones 2022 Webinars (June 30th): Antidio Viguria was one of the invited speakers to this event and talked about the GNSS navigation techniques developed inside the project in an online workshop entitled "Advanced Technologies for Highly Autonomous UAS or Drones".