Newsletter #2

The H2020 PILOTING Project coordinators releases a new edition of this european research project, with the latests events, news and the advances of the pilots.


PILOTING keeps its path on the development of robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance of aged infrastructures such as bridges or plants. In August 2020 PILOTING released the first edition of the projects newsletter with the purpose of update of all the features and news of the this H2020 european project related to robotics technologies and automation. The newsletter includes the latest news, ways of contact and information about the scenarios of the project.


In order to summarise the last 6 months of 2020 inside the PILOTING, the project releases today the second edition of its newsletter, with the latest news, projects and milestones, latest scientific publication and the advances of the experiments in pilot scenarios. We hope all our audience enjoy this publication and find it useful.


You can download the second edition of the newsletter here to learn more about us.