The coordinator of PILOTING project is FADA-CATEC. Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA) is a non-profit organization that takes care of the management of CATEC research centre.


The main goal is R&D on aerospace related technologies in coordination with industries, universities and other research centres.


FADA-CATEC counts with more than 20 researchers working specifically on aerial robotics technologies and it has a large experience developing solutions and application with aerial robots.

Andalusian Foundation For Aerospace Development


Role in the project and main tasks

FADA-CATEC will be the coordinator of the project and will contribute mainly to WP1 (Ethic Requirement), WP2(Coordination) and WP7 (Iterative system integration).


In addition, to contributing to other technical WPs, especially in the development of aerial-robotics related technologies and the general robot control station, FADA-CATEC will be active in WP10 in Exploitation, Communication and Dissemination.

Relevant previous experience

FADA-CATEC has a vast experience developing aerial robots for inspection applications. and then, integrating and demonstrating the developed technologies in realistic environments and increasing the TRL of novel robotics technologies. In fact, FADA-CATEC won the Overall Innovation Radar Prize 2017 granted by the European Commission for its technology for industrial contact inspection using aerial robots (, being the first time a robotic technology has won this prize. Also, FADA-CATEC, along with University of Seville and Airbus D&S, was awarded the Special Innovative Prize at the 1st EU Drones Award.


On the other hand, FADA-CATEC has a strong activity related to the future certification of UAS and has actively participated in the working groups that is helping in the definition of the future European regulation with EASA (European Aviation Authority), and also, is part of:

  • Advisory Committee of AESA (Spanish National Aviation Authority)
  • Informal Drone Expert Group created by the European Commission.

Moreover, FADA-CATEC is also participating in the definition of future industrial standards for aerial robots. FADA-CATEC is a limited member of EUROCAE (European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment) and participates in WG-105 Working Group (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), leading the SORA Focus Team and participating in the FAS Ad Hoc Group on adaptation of DO-178/ED-12 to UAS (join activity between RTCA and EUROCAE). FADA-CATEC is also a member of the WG for UAS in AENOR which the Spanish representative for ISO committees.


Finally, FADA-CATEC has a wide experience participating in European projects; having participated in 8 H2020 projects and also participating in 9 FP7 projects in the last 10 years, coordinating 3 of them: