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PILOTING Youtube Series: Meet Our Inspection Robots

Meet Our Inspection Robots. Youtubes series elaborated by PILOTING consortium and focused on introducing each robot developed within the project to bring them closer to the I&M community.

Meet our inspection robots: RISING (episode 5)

In this 5th episode of the Youtube series "Meet our inspection robots" H2020 PILOTING Project presents the RISING robot, Robotnik's mobile manipulator specially designed for intervention, reconnaissance and EOD missions.

Meet our inspection robots: AEROCAM (episode 4)

“Meet our Inspection Robots” PILOTING youtube series episode 4. In this episode, Rafael Caballero, research expert from CATEC shows the AEROCAM, a novel visual inspection drone.

Meet our inspection robots: BIKE (episode 3)

This Youtube Series will present each vehicle and the main developments achieved during the project. In this episode, Waygate Technologies team presents his magnetic wheeled robot, including a description of the workflow followed to inspect the interior of a vessel.

Meet our inspection robots: CART (episode 2)

This Youtube Series will present each vehicle and the main developments achieved during the project. In this episode, Miquel Cantero, from Robotik describes in detail the robot components that allows the autonomous functionalities and data collection of the environment.

Meet our inspection robots: AeroX (episode 1)

This Youtube Series will present each vehicle and the main developments achieved during the project.In this episode, Miguel Ángel Trujillo from CATEC explains both the first and second version of AeroX, a Novel Aerial Contact Drone , mentioning all the capabilities and functionalities.


Different end-user workshop will be organized within the Project to present PILOTING outcomes and obtain feedback from the I&M community.

European Robotics & AI workshop applied to Inspection and Maintenance

Workshop oriented to present an overview of all active European Robotics & AI projects that apply Robotics and AI technologies to Inspection and Maintenance activities of any sector or application.


Presentation of the PILOTING objetives and consortium through partners interviews.

Videopresentation of PILOTING project

Antidio Viguria, Project Coordinator from CATEC, presents PILOTING objectives.

KoM interviews, part one.

Interviews to EGNATIA and INLECOM representatives, as partners of PILOTING project.

Kom interviews, part two

Interviews to University of Seville, ETHZ, APPLUS and GE Inspections Robotics representatives, as partners of PILOTING project.


PILOTING partners have been involved in a large number of projects to push the state of the art in the use of robotics for inspection and maintenance tasks. This section presents some of the main outcomes obtained by PILOTING partners in previous European projects.


PILOTING consortium has a podcast series, “PILOTING Inspection Gadget”,  with interviews with key people in the I&M sector, aims to obtain feedback from the I&M community and positioning the PILOTING consortium as a reference in the development of robotic solutions for I&M applications.
Episode 13

Alexandra Florin, Co-chair at Working Group 105 at EUROCAE (https://www.eurocae.net/) and Aviation Technical Standards Manager at Wing (https://wing.com/) presents EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment) and its main activity.

Episode 12

Román, General Director of Andalucía Aerospace (https://andaluciaaerospace.com/en/), explains how the cluster adds value to aeronautical companies, highlights the relevance of the Andalusian region in the drone sector and takes an overall view of the future of the industry in our country and the rest of the world.

Episode 11

In PILOTING Inspection Gadget-episode 11, Andrea Berra (https://www.aerotrain-etn.eu/esr-14), PhD student from the University of Seville and Early Stage Research in the CATEC Technological Centre, presents the AERO-TRAIN Project.

Episode 10

Prof. Cédric Pradalier, from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – Dream Lab, Project Coordinator of the H2020 project Bugwright2 (https://www.bugwright2.eu/) presents the project.

Episode 9

Kostas Alexis, full profesor in NTNU (https://www.ntnu.edu/employees/konstantinos.alexis), talks about his experience en robotic competition “DARPA Subterranean Challenge”, of which his team was the winner.

Episode 8

Belen Riveiro, from the University of Vigo and Project Coordinator of SAFEWAY H2020 (https://www.safeway-project.eu/en), presents a general overview of the project

Episode 7

Prof. Aníbal Ollero, full professor at University of Seville and Scientific Advisor at FADA-CATEC, presents AERIAL-CORE H2020 project (https://aerial-core.eu/ ).

Episode 6

Marvin Dechene, head of Technology and responsible for drone inspections at APPLUS RVIS (https://www.applus.com/global/en/ ), talks about the benefits of using drones for inspection duties in the industry and the feedback from actual inspectors using robotic systems.

Episode 5

Tjibbe Bouma, Chairman of the Board of SPRINT Robotics, talks about the company, an industry driven initiative that promotes the development, the availability, and the application of robotics techniques in technical inspections and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure.

Episode 4

Prof. Vincenzo Lippiello, full professor at the Universita' degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and CEO Neabotics , talks about the spin-off funded to fully explore the transfer capabilities between the academy and the industry to the development of drone applications in the I&M sector.

Episode 3

Carlos Martín and Pablo Ramón, from VES, explain the Spanish I&M spin-off experience.

Episode 2

Adam Serblowski, from SHELL, gives his opinion about the potential benefits in the application of robotic and AI technologies to the I&M sector

Episode 1

Angelos Amditis and Konstantinos Bouklas, from ICCS, present RESIST H2020 project (https://www.resistproject.eu/ ).


Digital newsletters are being periodically designed every six months, providing updates and relevant information.


Newsletter 1

The H2020 PILOTING Project coordinators releases the 1st edition of this european research project, with the latests events, news and the advances of the project.

Newsletter 2

The 2nd Newsletter presents the PILOTING Scenarios, project partner activities and initiatives related to the project during the second half of 2020 and also keep you update of the latest project events and next PILOTING milestones. During this period, the main activities carried out within the project have been the 1st study visits to the pilot locations (virtual and physical).

Newsletter 3

In the 3rd newsletter the activities carried out within PILOTING project in the first half of 2021 are covered. The project technical progress’s main results concerning the visit of pilot scenarios and the main PILOTING robotic vehicles are presented. Furthermore, we will keep you up to date about the project partners activities and initiatives related to PILOTING Project.

Newsletter 4

The 4th Newsletter covers the activities carried out in the first months of the 2nd project period (M18-M24). The PILOTING Uses Cases , which have been defined for each PILOTING pilot scenario (refineries, viaduct/bridges and tunnels) have been presented. Appart from that, we will keep you informed of the project partners’ activities and initiatives related to PILOTING Project.