SINTEF is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation and is a non-profit research institute wholly owned by the SINTEF Foundation. We employ more than 2000 people. More than 90% of our annual turnover derives from contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and internationally, and we receive minimal state funding (around 8%).


SINTEF is multidisciplinary, with international top-level expertise in a wide range of technological and scientific disciplines, medicine and the social sciences. Our company vision is «technology for a better society», and it is an important aspect of our societal role to contribute to the creation of more jobs. We act as an incubator, commercialising technologies through the establishment of new companies.



Role in the project and main tasks

SINTEF will lead T1.4 Innovation and IP management and T4.4: Perception and intelligent navigation for ground robots.


In T4.4 SINTEF will develop and implement high-level autonomous functions for the unmanned ground vehicle to be used in the tunnel pilot experiments.


SINTEF will also support integration and tunnel pilot experiments.

Relevant previous experience

Research and Technology Development within autonomous robotics, including autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles, has been a strategic area at SINTEF Digital for several years.


Research projects range from industrial robotics to domestic applications. In particular, there has since 2010 been a strong focus on next generation remote robotic inspection and maintenance systems for the oil and gas industry, and we have also developed solutions for autonomous UAV inspection operations at electrical substations.


Our expertise includes technologies such as:


  • Robot vision
  • Localization
  • Navigation
  • Path planning
  • System integration
  • Use-case analysis