GE Inspection Robotics AG (GEIR) is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) set up as a joint venture between GE (Switzerland) GmbH and ETHZ. GEIR provides operators of large-scale industrial facilities such as power plants and refineries with tailored mobile inspection robots enabling them to minimize outages and maintenance times, and to enhance environmental and workplace safety. GEIR has started operation in January 2007. The company is continuously growing supplying mobile robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance and by developing bespoke robotic solutions.More than 100 systems are out in the field spread all over the world.

General Electric Inspection Robotics AG


Role in the project and main tasks

GEIR is leading WP 3 (Adaptation of robotic platforms and data gathering) providing deep knowledge of inspection and maintenance procedures and requirements as well as of designing and realisation robust, industry proven product. GEIR will be mainly involved with the development of crawler robotic systems, including their advanced autonomous functionalities. On the other hand, GEIR will support the integration and pilot experimentation related tasks. Finally, GEIR leads the cooperation task with DIH and other H2020 projects.

Relevant previous experience

GE Inspection Robotics develops mobile inspection robots for large-scale facilities in the field of power generation and industrial processing. These devices increase the availability of facilities thanks to shorter servicing intervals, and improve safety for people and the environment. Inspection Robotics’ products are characterized by innovation, everyday reliability and robustness appropriate for industrial conditions. GEIR has a large experience in EU research projects, and has taken part in FP7 and several H2020 projects.