Ferrovial Construction is the flagship company heading up the construction division of Ferrovial, one of the world’s leading groups specialised in infrastructure and cities, operating through its Services, Toll Roads, Construction and Airports divisions. Since 1927 Ferrovial Construction carries out all kinds of unique civil engineering, construction and industrial projects also representing an international benchmark in transport infrastructure having built more tan:


  • 470 km of tunnels
  • 3,900 km of highways
  • 15,000 km of roads
  • 4,600 km of railroad (including 700 km of high-speed railroad).

Ferrovial identifies innovation as a strategic tool for addressing the global challenges facing the world of infrastructures. The company pursues its innovation policy through an open innovation model. This involves creating an open process and ecosystem for partners to enhance innovation through the exchange of ideas outside the organization.The company focuses its innovation efforts in the areas of innovative construction aiming to position itself as a benchmark around the world in the development of intelligent infrastructure products and services.

Ferrovial Construction


Role in the project and main tasks

FERROVIAL is the leader of WP8 (Societal, ethical and legal (SoEL) aspects and also, this partner will participate in the definition of the use cases related to infrastructure (tunnels and viaducts).


Additionally, Ferrovial Constructionwill bring the viaduct pilot site (Arroyo de las Piedras Viaduct) operated by Ferrovial Construction.

Relevant previous experience

Ferrovial Construction´s experience includes the delivery of more than 700 km of high-speed rail, 4,400km of permanent way and construction of stations and infrastructure in congested urban and environmentally sensitive areas.


Ferrovial has constructed more than 300 bridges and viaducts, including complex bridge replacements/bridge jacking schemes.Ferrovial Construction has delivered more than 1,300 km of tunnels, many of them for railway projects, in all ground types. Using all types of TBM’s, Ferrovial Construction has a detailed working knowledge through experience of all tunnelling methods and utilisation of equipment from all the major global manufacturers.


Ferrovial Construction currently has nine TBMs, one of which is 15.15 meter-diameter (the biggest in the world when first introduced). Additionally, Ferrovial participated in the railway maintenance of more than 1,000 km of High-Speed lines and more than 3,000 km of conventional lines.All this experience in Civil/Transport infrastructure will be brought to the project.