Quasset drives innovation in asset integrity management and condition assessment solutions for multiple sectors including oil & gas, chemical, infrastructure, water and energy. Fostering and building collaborative networks is core to our business. Collaborative efforts are imperative to implement new opportunities that technology offers at the speed needed to address current societal challenges, such as aging infrastructure, urbanization and global warming.


With a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced consultants located around the globe, we support our customer networks to improve asset management business processes for capital-intensive infrastructure such as petrochemical facilities, pipe distribution systems (e.g. water, sewage, oil, gas), and conventional and renewable power generation.

Quasset B.V


Role in the project and main tasks

Quasset will focus on the development of the I&M Intelligence and Visualisation portal (WP5), Specification and design of PILOTING I&M robotic-based platform (WP2), and the testing of the systems in the large-scale pilots (WP7).

Relevant previous experience

Quasset provides information-driven asset management solutions by combining in-depth domain knowledge, technology and business intelligence tools. Quasset offers both process design and improvement which streamlines redesigned workflows, data management, and risk forecasting, including the usage of 3D, virtual and augmented reality technologies. Based on Quasset’s methodology, Quasset Q-Pro is fully modular and customisable, tailored to a company’s assets and business objectives. Before implementing Q-Pro components, Quasset defines and analyzes the current processes and workflows to create solutions that increase efficiency, up-time and overall business processes. Innovation management is central at Quasset.


Since its inception, Quasset has been part of a number of EU joint industry projects, including SmartWater4Europe and ReaLNG, as well as being part (and the leader of the project with Shell) of the original PETROBOT project which resulted in the creation of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative. With an in-house international multidisciplinary team of experts complemented by a large partner network of leading organizations, Quasset excels in bringing together expertise from different fields to provide advanced and innovative solutions.