2nd episode of "Meet our inspection robots" Youtube series is out

In the last month PILOTING released an online series called "Meet our inspection robots", which is being broadcasted in Youtube.


The first episode of "Meet our robots" showed the features of the UAV platform Aerox (developed by FADA-CATEC). This week everybody can watch the 2nd episode focused on the CART Robot, a robotic platform developed by Robotnik Automation. This project partner is researching and developing the features and applications of ground robots in inspection and maintenance tasks related to refineries and tunnels uses cases.


Regarding the description of this 2nd episode, "the variety of inspection and maintenance operations considered within the project requires the use of different robotic systems. A series of robotic vehicles from PILOTING partners has been adapted/developed and integrated within the PILOTING I&M platform."


The project partner Robotnik Automation is a company which started its activity in 2002 and is currently a leading company in the European service robotics market. Robotnik is an SME and its team is formed by 45 persons including engineers and R&D team. The engineer team is qualified in several fields (computers, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, mechanics, etc). Robotnik is specialized in Mobile Robotics: Products: Robotics product manufacturing (mobile robot platforms, mobile manipulators) Service Robotics Applications: (development of robots for performing autonomous tasks for the wellbeing of humans or machines, excluding manufacturing), principally Robots for Logistics and Robots for Inspection.