3rd episode of "Meet our inspection robots" Youtube series is out

In the last month PILOTING released an online series called "Meet our inspection robots", which is being broadcasted in Youtube.

The second episode of "Meet our robots" showed the features of the CART ground robot (developed by Robotnik). This week everybody can watch the 3rd episode focused on the BIKE Robot, a robotic platform developed by Waygate Technologies.

This project partner is researching and developing the features and applications of this indoor inspection robopt sim ilar to a crawler. The BIKE solution from Waygate Technologies provides an easy way to deploy robotic inspacetion system for confined spaces.

Once the misión starts the operatot simply assigns a simple name and loads the 3D-model of the asset to créate the misión database. The inspection begins right after the robot is placed at the started location.

The robot has a magnetic crawler that carries an HD inspection camera to measure the wall thickness of the Steel structure. The 3D-awareness system that tracks the camera view and records all findings with proper 3D coordinates into the misión database.This magnetic wheels and its high maneuverability allow the inpsection and close-up inspection of important points