4th episode of YouTube series is out

In this 4th episode, Rafael Caballero research engineer at the Perception and Artificial Intelligence Perception unit at CATEC presents de AEROCAM aerial platform.

The first versión of AEROCAM is based on the DJI Matrix 600 Pro platform with improved applications and capabilities integrated from CATEC. This UAV has a 3D Lidar that allows the platform to navigate autonomously to perform visual inspections of infrastructures.

The inspections are carried out by using a high resolution camera that can take detail photographs of the viaduct decks. Also, depending on the leve lof detail and the characteristics of the misión, several configurations can be applied to the lens of the camera.

The AEROCAM robotic vehicle does not rely on external comunication due to its software that runs in the onboard computer. This proceess allows the UAV to perform autonomously during the whole process of the inspection without human interaction.

Stay tuned form more new chapter of this YouTube series!