New scientific paper from members of ETHZ related to PILOTING Project

The Autonomous Systems Labs - ETHZ researchers Lukas Benreiter, Lionel Ott, Juan Nieto, Roland Siegwart and César Cadena have published a scientific paper entitled "PHASER: A Robust and Correspondence-Free Global Pointcloud Registration".


Regarding the abstract, "We propose PHASER, a correspondence-free global registration of sensor-centric pointclouds that is robust to noise, sparsity, and partial overlaps. Our method can seamlessly handle multimodal information, and does not rely on keypoint nor descriptor preprocessing modules." This paper can be found in the following IEEE Xplore website.


The ASL - ETHZ role in the project is to develop all the tasks related to the area of perception, navigation and manipulation for ground robots in refinery environments, such as SLAM, Localization, Planning, Control, Learning and Dexterous Manipulation.


Header - Picture of luis gomes in Pexels