Online General Meeting of PILOTING in November

After the last General Meeting held in June, FADA-CATEC organized a new edition of this important internal project meeting. This GM has been held between November 10th and 11th. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the consortium members met online.

In this GM, the PILOTING members discussed the progress of the objectives of the project like the development of a robotic platform and how the engineers and researchers can implement in the inspection and maintenance tasks in the industrial and civil scenarios. Also, the members have chosen some representative scenarios for perform some experiments with the purpose of applying the current robotics technologies in inspection and maintenance activities. This representative scenarios are called “pilots” (see newsletter).


The most important point that was discussed in this General Meeting was the progress and contents of the Deliverables D3.2 and D9.2. These important documents will be delivered and shown at the end of 2020.

The Consortium has also decided to create new dissemination contents for the social networks, as some videos of the robotic vehicles and a podcast series with key personalities of the civil engineering, industry, research…

The COVID-19 restrictions have presented a lot of obstacles for the project goals such as the home isolations, quarantines or the cities enclosures, but thanks to the excellent and tireless work of all the members the initial objectives are being achieved in the agreed deadlines by the European Commission and all of this will represent a huge advance for the inspection and maintenance industry and SMEs.