PILOTING I&M Platform Workshop in ERF2023 in collaboration with RIMA

The participation of the PILOTING H2020 Project in ERF2023 (European Robotic Forum 2023) was an extremely noteworthy and successful event. During this important gathering, we had the opportunity to join forces with the RIMA project (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance) for a collaborative stand. This strategic collaboration allowed both initiatives to share their cutting-edge advancements and knowledge in the field of robotics.


In this context, we organized an exclusive workshop in which we enthusiastically introduced the PILOTING Platform, highlighting its key components such as the DDHL (Data Distribution & Harmonisation Layer), the DMS (Data Management System), and the gRCS (General Robot Control System). This presentation proved to be a pivotal moment, as it attracted the attention and interest of a diverse and knowledgeable audience.


Leading companies and key industry players gathered to witness our presentation, drawn by the potential and innovations that the PILOTING project had to offer. Our platform and its components generated a significant buzz due to their ability to revolutionize how we address inspection and maintenance challenges through advanced robotic solutions.


During the presentation, we explained in detail how the PILOTING Platform seamlessly integrates with the mentioned components, providing a complete and versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Furthermore, we demonstrated how our technology can enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability in critical operations.


ERF2023 thus became a crucial meeting point for the European robotics community and a platform where the PILOTING project could share its achievements with an audience eager for innovation and advanced solutions. This experience reinforces our commitment to continue advancing research and development of cutting-edge technologies that transform the industry and improve everyday life. We hope that this collaboration and the interest generated at the event will lead to fruitful partnerships and significant advancements in the field of robotics and industrial automation.