PILOTING disseminated at 2020 European Robotics Forum

As every year, the robotic experts had an important date with euRobotics and its event the European Robotics Forum, which this year has been held in Málaga (Spain).

PILOTING project were present in this conference in many different ways. During the whole event, FADA-CATEC set up a booth where some members gave information to all the interested assistants about the project. Furthermore, the GRVC-USE head Aníbal Ollero organized the workshop entitled “Aerial Intelligent Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance”, where PILOTING was exposed in conjuction with another inspection and maintenance projects like HYFLIERS or AEROBI. The FADA-CATEC member Miguel Ángel Trujillo  exposed the project highlights here, in conference which managed to fill up the room.



Lastly, the FADA-CATEC member and PILOTING coordinator Antidio Viguria presented this aerial robotics project in the conference entitled New H2020 projects, organized and hosted by the European Commission’s project officer Cécile Huet. Also, in this edition of ERF Antidio was nominated as part of euRobotics boards of directors, a great victory for FADA-CATEC and PILOTING project.



Recently euRobotics announced that the 2021 European Robotics will be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands). This european conference is one of the most important dates for robotics experts and it's organized by euRobotics. These conferences started to be held 10 years ago, and the first edition was also held in Spain, specifically in San Sebastián.