Unlocking the Potential of UAVs: Insights from the Atlantis Test Center

During September 19th and 20th, a flight campaign was conducted at the "Atlantis Test Center" in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, to collect data using a UAV in a maritime environment. Specifically, CATEC used two different aerial platforms to gather various types of data. A Matrice S1000, equipped with a 3D LiDAR, collected inertial, positioning, and 3D LiDAR data to test whether a 3D localization algorithm would be robust enough to perform a precise approach to a floating platform under these conditions. The tests focused on how the approach from land to the platform would be, simulating the conditions in which a UAV should approach a platform and land on it. Additionally, using a Matrice 300 equipped with the Zenmuse L1 sensor, which includes a solid-state LiDAR and a camera, a point cloud model of the entire environment was obtained.



The overall aim of the ATLANTIS project is to establish a pioneer pilot infrastructure capable of demonstrating key enabling robotic technologies for inspection and maintenance of offshore wind farms that will be installed in the Atlantic Ocean. A large-scale pilot will be operated and demonstrated by a strong collaboration between the research community and the industrial offshore energy ecosystem.