Upcoming of ERF 2020

This year PILOTING project will be presented in several activities organized during the European Robotics Forum, held this year in Málaga (Spain).

First of all, PILOTING will be introduced in the workshop “Aerial Intelligent Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance” in conjuction with another aerial robotics projects such as HYFLYERS, Aerial-Core or AEROARMS. This workshop is organized and presented by the head of GRVC-USE and FADA-CATEC’s scientific assessor Anibal Ollero, who almost organize every year several workshop in this conference, all related to UAVs technologies.

Secondly, in March 4th the conference entitled “H2020 New Projects” will include all the new European Inspection and Maintenance projects, and PILOTING will be shown here by FADA-CATEC.


Finally, during the whole event a stand of FADA-CATEC will provide information and related news of PILOTING to the assistants.