PILOTING is project coordinated by CATEC. In the video inside its member Antidio Viguria explains the main objectives, proposals and goals of the project and CATEC.

H2020 PILOTING project proposes the integration, and demonstration of robotic solutions, in an integrated platform, which will be tested and evaluated in three large-scale pilots: refineries, bridges/viaducts and tunnels with the involvement of all the actors that conform the full value chain.

The european research project was publicly shown in a kick-off meeting held at Parque Aerópolis (Seville) during the days of January 15th and 16th. This project is directed and coordinated by the Spanish enterprise FADA-CATEC, in particular its member Antidio Viguria. In the video below he explains what kind of company is CATEC, what will be its role inside H2020 PILOTING project and so as to the personal impressions of Antidio.