This marks a significant milestone for the project, which focuses on enhancing the inspection and maintenance of aging civil infrastructures.

Advanced experiments combining innovative robots and IoT technology have recently been conducted to revolutionize refinery operations and achieve unprecedented advancements.

The concluding experiments conducted within an operational tunnel as part of the four-year PILOTING project mark a significant leap forward in tunnel safety and management.

4 Presentations, one workshop, and three stands from: Piloting / Robotnik, Quasset and Waygate Technologies.

During September 19th and 20th, a flight campaign was conducted at the "Atlantis Test Center" in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, to collect data using a UAV in a maritime environment.

Throughout the workshop, engaging and comprehensive discussions took place, focusing on the benefits and challenges presented by the cutting-edge technologies developed...

As part of the PILOTING consortium, our participation in this grand event was a significant milestone, and we are excited to relay our experiences and insights. 

During this important gathering, we had the opportunity to join forces with the RIMA project for a collaborative stand.

Is gearing up for a groundbreaking series of experiments that mark the culmination of its efforts in the areas of Refineries, Bridges/Viaducts, and Tunnels.

In the much-anticipated 16th episode of the PILOTING podcast, we're honored to host Miguel Ángel Trujillo, Head of the Autonomous Systems unit at FADA-CATEC, member of the PILOTING

In the 15th episode of the PILOTING podcast, we are glad to welcome a distinguished guest, José Solís, who serves as the Data Analytics Manager within the R&D division of CEMOSA.

From the PILOTING consortium, we are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of our YouTube Series, "Meet Our Inspection Robots".

On October 11th, PILOTING presented the most promising value propositions of the robotics technologies developed inside the project to obtain feedback from potential end-users.

This event was the first demonstration of the project, which took place in Arroyo del Espinazo (Álora, Málaga). The robots AEROCAM and VIADDRONE performed several flight samples.

This summer school brought 25 ETHZ internal and 25 international master/PhD students. ETHZ partner gave a presentation to the students about the technical apporach for the refinary

The public RobotX event targeted the Swiss industry and the research community at large where the latest developments of the ETH robotics labs are showcased. ETHZ team has been pre

Dr Antidio Viguria was invited as a speaker to this session and presented GNSS free navigation advances in the framework of the PILOTING project.

Dr Antidio Viguria presented the PILOTING I&M platform progress in a ERF Workshop.

From 21st to 23rd June of 2022 it has taken place de World ATM Congress. CATEC has participated with a stand where some members gave ato attendants information about PILOTING.

Antidio Viguria, Project Coordinated, presented PILOTING in a webinar organized by Sprint Robotics within the H2020 project RIMA : “Cross-industry innovations for Storage Tanks”.

CATEC attended DRONExpo in Madrid and presented the project and the main developments it is carrying out within PILOTING in a booth of CATEC.

In this 5th episode of the Youtube series "Meet our inspection robots" H2020 PILOTING Project presents the ROBOTNIK's mobile manipulator called RISING robot.

Antidio Viguria, Project Coordinator, presented the main PILOTING outcomes in the “Energy&Utilitities” session organized in the ADM2022.

The H2020 PILOTING Project coordinators releases the 4th edition of this european research project, with the latests events, news and the advances of the project.

INLECOM has presented its holistic, 3D tunnel deformation monitoring solution in a poster session PIARC Conference – Calgary 2022.

The BugWright2 Project was presented in the Stakeholder Meeting to all kind of participants.

The H2020 PILOTING Project coordinators releases the 3rd edition of this european research project, with the latests events, news and the advances of the project.

“Meet our Inspection Robots” PILOTING youtube series episode 4. In this episode, Rafael Caballero, research expert from CATEC shows the AEROCAM, a novel visual inspection drone.

In this 3rd episode of <> H2020 PILOTING Project presents BIKE a magnetic wheeled robot developed by our consortium member Waygate Technologies.

The 2nd episode of "Meet our inspection robots" H2020 PILOTING Project presents CART, a platform developed by Robotnik. Miquel Cantero explains how CART works.